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Product Brief
We have different series extrusion Blowing Machine to make all kinds of Materials of PE, PP and ABS Packaging container for shampoo, shower wash, hair conditioner, drinking water,detergent ,petroline , diesel , lubrication oil and other liquid packaging container. Maximum capacity of accumulator head can be 250L while .Its control system adopts closed loop control imported from Europe and hydraulic system is pressure-flow double proportional control equipped with variable plunger pump to ensure fast and smooth operation of the machine and energy consumption of the hydraulic system can be reduced by 20% to 30%, saving power.

Main Machine range

High speed standard style Extrusion Blowing Machine

2L Single & Double station Extrusion Blowing Machine for shampoo, shower wash, hair conditioner and other cosmetics packagings
5L Single & Double station Extrusion Blowing Machine for drinking water and
detergent packagings
12L Single & Double station Extrusion Blowing Machine for petroline , diesel , lubrication oil and liquid of additive packagings

Normal style Extrusion Blowing Machine for 0.2L to 12L bottle production

25L Extrusion Blowing Machine for Max. Volume of 25L PE/PP container packagings

5Gallon PC Barrel Extrusion Blowing Machine for purified water and mineral water.

30L-250L PE Water Tank single station Extrusion Blowing Machine available

Main System description

Electronic control system:
Japan's Mitsubishi PLC computer and human-machine interface (English or Chinese) control, color touch-screen operation. All the process set to change, retrieval, monitoring, troubleshooting and other functions are implemented on the touch screen, no point of contact with the working principle, components and durable.

Hydraulic system:
proportional pressure control, with imported brands Yuken hydraulic components, stable and reliable.

Plasticizing system:
efficient plastics mixing screw, to ensure plasticizing full uniform.

Speed control system:
VVVF+alloy steel and hard gear reducer, speed stable, low noise,durable.

Mould and Clamping system:
the opening and closing mold, mold transfer system: beam arm, three position, center locking clamping mechanism, to ensure long-term use.Clamping force balance, no deformation, the use of body translation mode (ball linear guide), high precision, low resistance, fast.

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