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System Description

It is applied for the production of pure water, mineral water, beverage’s product water and process water. It is mainly composed of the following equipments: pre-treatment System (multi-medium filter, active carbon filter, ion exchanger, Millipore filter), membrane separation System ( Ultrafilter, nanometer filter, RO System), electrodialysis device, sterilization System (UV device, ozone device) and so on.

Our product’s scope

Stainless Water Tank for raw water and finished water.
Stainless pump
Multiple medium filter / Active carbon filter / Sodium exchanger / Micro filter
Titanium alloy micro filter
Ozone or UV sterilization system
RO system


1-100T/H Purified water & mineral/spring water production line
Pretreatment for 1-100T/H CSD drinking production line
Pretreatment for 1-100T/H hot juice production line
Pretreatment production line for other liquid project.

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