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PET Preform High-speed Injection Molding System
Main Feature
Clamping Unit

The mold clamping system is a full hydraulic type and the clamping force is located at the center of the dies, which is the first of its kind in China. Once the dies are clamped, the parallelism of the die plates is better than that of a mechanical hinge system, as the clamped dies can maintain a better parallelism and keep their force distribution balanced. Meanwhile, when the hydraulic mold clamping system works, the main easily-worn parts are the sealing parts. When the mechanical hinge system works, the hinge movement produces friction between metals. Therefore, after both systems have been at work for a long time, the integration accuracy of hydraulic mold clamping systems remains unchanged but that of a mechanical hinge system may decrease quickly.

The system clamping molds use a hydraulic system, for which hydraulic oil is the lubricant. It is different from a mechanical hinge clamping system which uses lubricating oil to lubricate the kinematic pair. The second board movement adopts a straight-line guide-rail kinematic pair, thus it requires only a little lubricating oil and keeps a relatively clean working environment.

Injection Unit
The machine adopts the two-stage injection unit, such PET machines need a large injection weight, and one stage injection unit takes very long time to pre-plasticizing, so the need a long to take a molding cycle time. But two-stage injection units do not waste pre-plasticizing cycle time, it rapidly shortens the whole molding cycle time.

Control System
This system integrates preform removing robot and injection molding peripheral equipment into a whole, thus achieving good control and coordination capability, quick responses and high accuracy. The system’s main control center is from Siemens control systems, while critical control elements of the hydraulic system, pneumatic system and temperature control system are from the Bosch Rexroth brand, CKD/SMC brand and Schneider brand respectively. In addition, its robot driving elements are from Germany’s Lenze servo system.

This system has special high-speed cold preform robots with 3 work locations. Its preform removing robot is driven by servo motors from famous brands in Europe, and its preform removing parts are separated from the preform embedding parts, thus decreasing the inertial movement of the preform removing parts and ensure a quick and correct perform removing operation. Preforms are jacked up and cooled in the robot to shorten cooling time of preforms in the molding chamber, thus the forming cycle becomes shorter. Water cooling is used for outer surfaces and air cooling for the inner chamber. When placing the preforms, they will be cooled to the ambient temperature, and it will not to damage them in transportation.

Robot Driving Element
The robot driving elements are from Germany’s Lenze servo system, precision and stable.
This system demand different energy when working in the different stage. With the adoption of accumulator, the machine can save extra energy when the hydraulic system need low energy, and supply the saved energy when the machine need more energy, so the system can work very efficient and energy-saving.

Hydraulic Component
The power system of the machine is all hydraulic, and the main hydraulic components use world-famous brands like the BOSCH, INTERMOT, VICKERS, STAFFA, YUKEN etc.

Hydraulic Oil Filter
The Hydraulic oil of this system is through two stage oil filter system, the coarse filter and fine filter, to make sure all hydraulic components are working in a clean environment. With the clean hydraulic oil environment, it highly extends the service life of hydraulic components. The back oil is fully filtered to prevent subtle impurities generated by hydraulic component going back to oil tank.

Main Technical Parameter

Injection Unit Screw L/D Ratio L/D 25 25 25
Screw Dia. mm 100 120 140
Injection Pressure kg/cm2 985 960 960
Shot Volume cm3 2945 3900 4522
Shot Weight g 3535 4680 5426
  oz 124.7 164.2 191
Clamping Unit Clamping Force tpm 300 450 500
Max.Day light mm 1550 1600 1600
Mould Thickness(Min.) mm 510 510 510
Space Between Tie Bars(w*h) mm 745*815 800*850 920*1020
Ejection Stroke mm 190 200 200
Ejector Force ton 16.5 26 28
Ejector Pins No. piece 11 11 11
System Pressure kg/cm2 160 160 160
Preform Mould Mould Cav. cav. 48 72 96
Hot Runner Pnewmatic Pin-valve Gate runner
Robot T/O Tubes piece 144 216 288
Power Unit Pump Motor Power kw 45+75 55+90 75+11
Robot Power kw 14 18 22
Mould Heater Power kw 46 60 72
Heater input Capacity kw 60 85 110
Total Power kw 240 308 389
Electricity   380v / 3-phase 380v / 3-phase 380v / 3-phase
Others Machine size m 9.8*4.6*2.6 11.9*4.5*2.8 13.8*5.1*2.8
Weight ton 32 36 38
Oil Tank L 1600 1750 1900

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