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This machine is suitable for sticking the continuous rolled labels, using local gluing methods in small glue consumption and low running costs.

The host machine is adopted upper cam design so that it is easy to replace bottles; the nosing is adopted pneumatic chucking manner to increase the convenience of heightening the host machine.
high accurate design, strict processing requirements and meticulous assembly
Double disk structure ensures the min. time for users to replace membrane material, thereby to enable longer effective production time and higher productive efficiency.
production capacity from 10000bph to 30,000 bottles / hour.
Centralized lubrication system allows the operation of machines lubrication components much more easier, running of the machines much more normal, and machine life much more guaranteed. Machines maintenance and repair are very simple and convenient.
Automation control is adopted PLC control, with combination control of servo system, inverter system, temperature control systems and other necessary control point.
Specialized detection of membrane material constant force and feedback control system ensure the general membrane materials to achieve high labeling quality.

Main Parameter


Technical Parameters

Rated Output (600ml)


Capacity Range


Power of Main Motor


Applicable Bottles Types

A variety of circular bottles with dia. 50-120mm and square bottles

Label Type

The max. height of the label paper is 220mm.

Pressure Request


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