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Machine Discription
1.This Machine can print up to three lines of fonts and be integrated into high-speed production lines. Its functions and performance have reached that of international standards of the same category. Automatic ink viscosity measuring and control, fault alarm indicator and automatic hydraulic system flushing can combine to ensure the continuous stable operation of this system.
2.It is capable of creating a wide range of graphics, languages, numbers and characters. Users can select different high-quality and high-speed printing modes according to their own needs. The RS232 portal provides KN-300AE with the access to a computer or network by means of Kenuohua software.

Technical Specifications
Dimensions: 600mm x 468mm x 300mm
Weight: 38kg
Length of print head tube: 3m
Power supply: ~220V±15%
Rated current: 2A
Ambient temperature: 5-40℃
Relative humidity: 10-90% non-condensing

Ink Coding Machine Features & Benefits
Character matrix: 7x5, 7x7, 10x7, 12x12, 16x10, 16x16, 24x8
Lines of printing: Up to 3 (7x5, 7x7)
Printing speed: Up to 1076 characters/second (7x5 single line)
Variable characters/languages/logos/fonts printing
Timing and counting printing
Reversal and inverse etc, four directional inkjet printing
Automatic show of products counting, batch numbers, shift numbers
Message delayed printing
Bold: Up to 9 times
Printing height: (7x5) single line. 2.5-5mm
(16x16) single line. 5-10mm

User-friendly large LCD display (240x64 dot)
English, Chinese characters and numbers printing
26 messages (79 characters per message) database input/output
Brand/logos/symbols creation
Automatic ink viscosity measuring and control
Fault auto-check indicator
Automatic hydraulic system flushing
Flexible date choices and real time clock
Automatic synchronous serial number
Solid and durable stainless steel casing

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