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We, Taizhou Bengo Machinery Co.,Ltd as one of main suppliers of Professional Plastic & Beverages Packaging Machinery, We guarantee that the product provided by our company conform to three guarantees for one year of "Chinese People’s Republic of China Product Quality Regulations" and promise on goods delivery , machinery quality, technology,after-sales service to global customers.

Technique and after-sales service.
Installation, adjustment and technical training.
We will send our after-sales persons to buyer’s factory to give free-instruction of the installation and adjustment of equipments, train buyers and solve the technical problem buyer met for free.
A week before the arrival of the equipments, we will offer buyer the plan for equipment’s installation, adjustment and trial running and working. So that buyer may have the equipments put into production and work well in the shortest time.

Maintenance service.
Our guarantee period of equality is 12 months since the final qualification of equipment. We will supply you consultation service for free in 24 hours for any problem during operation in the guarantee period.
If there’s any fault for equipment during the operation, we will send our specialist to eliminate the fault and restore the production in our first time (24 hours), and reduce the economic loss in maximum. If it’s a quality problem, we will replace the damaged component for free.

Service out of guarantee-period.
In order to correct and forbid the faults and deficiencies of after-sales products swiftly, we established the early warning system by continuously supervising the quality character of after-sales products in their lead-time of lifespan through telephone investigation or door-to-door investigation.
In view of the different customers, we will send our technical or service people to pay a visit to our customers once a year at least to know about the using of equipment, proceed with the maintenance and repair periodically, and solve the doubts of customers face-to-face.

Promise on delivery
We will strictly insist on the promise of delivery in bid documents. If there’s any delay of delivery caused by us, we’d like to take the responsibility stated in the contract.

Spare Parts Service
We will supply our customers with all completed of spare parts projects including new parts order, Broken parts to check, maintain and replace. Our main spare parts service related to Bottle blowing system, Preform & Cap injection system, bottled production line project , water treatment solution and subsequent packaging equipment

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